Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dan Rather - Mind Science

Quit wasting time on the web, and watch something useful for a change.
"Usually you see, we consider every emotion as just part of our life, part of our mind. For example, fear or hatred, as it comes, we just consider normal. I think that's a mistake." -- H.H. the Dalai Lama
"We are exposed to all kinds of influences in our environment all the time. Those influences are affecting our brain, they are changing our brain. If we are better able to regulate those inputs and to engage in specific kinds of training to cultivate positive qualities of mind, we can, I think, based on modern neuroscience evidence, we can change our brains by transforming our minds in beneficial ways.
We shouldn't think of these as fixed characteristics of people. If we take the initiative, take responsibility for our own minds, we can produce more positive individuals who have more of these beneficial qualities, which in turn, I think, will have a synergistic effect in making our culture and our society a more positive one." -- Richard Davidson, neuroscience professor; collaborator and close friend of the Dalai Lama

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Bianca Renee Abate said...

The power of the brain. If you allow hate to enter your life (which is easy) the negativity has detrimental affects on your health, body and soul and in turn affects society. I agree with the message here- if you cultivate happiness and positivity, your life and the lives around you will be affected in a positive way.