Sunday, May 22, 2016

Breaking down the mystery

There's a hilarious scene from the show Silicon Valley where this guy is giving a eulogy:

We do this with the Great Mystery. You have the big epiphany. HOLY. SHIT. WHERE THE... HOW THE...?!

And then the conceptual mind takes over.

"Let's break it down into its three component elements: space, time, and stuff..."

At the heart of all we think we know is the deep mystery. And at the heart of the deep mystery lies a deep knowing that is so immediate it can’t be mediated by words. A silent certainty that all is well. An unshakeable conviction that all that really matters is love. 
This is the sublimely comical insight that has been passed down to us through countless generations of men and women who’ve dared to be spiritual explorers. The simple realization which seems like nothing but changes everything. The truth that will set you free. 
Not-knowing is the doorway to all you can truly know and all you need to know. 
Enter there. 
Because that’s where the party is.
--Tim Freke, The Mystery Experience

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