Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A journey of awakening

When you’re born, you’re just newly budded from God. A whole universe springs out of nowhere, though at first it’s just a crazy meaningless mishmash of colors and sounds (without those words). As you slowly make more sense of it, more concept solidify and form. Eventually, it's all concepts. In that sense, a baby is more enlightened than an adult.

Now look at the story from another perspective. There’s no such thing as time. You were never born. You are god, who decided to start dreaming up a universe into the Eternal Now. At first, the realm was utterly open, and you were smattering all manner of paints on your canvas. Bit by bit, you started to converge on something. You gave this process of congealing a name: time. Over time, the world gets more and more solid, heavy, fixed.

But then at some point, you become conscious of the fact that you’re doing this. And thus begins the path to awakening. As you consciously notice your act of creation, you begin to undo all the heaviness, all the separation, and return it to love. And as you move into perfect love, all trace of separation is undone, until finally you return to your original wholeness. It’s like the outbound journey, but with a crucial difference: you’re aware of it.

If you choose, the journey back can begin after many, many dreams of birth and death. Or it can happen in a moment. Either way, some part of you at this point knows the choice is always there.

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