Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mindfulness and prayer

When I have total and utter faith in the present moment, in life as it appears right now, the experience of peace and joy are only matched by something I recall doing as a child: praying. Not like asking for stuff, but immersing myself in whatever my sense of "God" was.

Of course, "utter faith in the present moment" might also be called "mindfulness."

What's going on there? Surely "mindfulness" and "prayer" are totally different things. One requires you to believe in a bearded man in the sky!

Or perhaps "God" points to something far more elusive and wondrous. Something so right-under-your-nose you'd never notice it. Something which -- if you came totally face to face with it -- you'd be clawing to find a suitably epic moniker for.

Nahhh, what am I talking about? It's probably total bunkum. Nothing to see here, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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